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Irvine SEO

Finding a reliable Irvine SEO expert who will ensure your business is available to customers at the top of the search engines such as Google or all major search engines can be frustrating. With search engine optimization constantly changing, many small businesses find it hard to keep up. This is why it is crucial that you hire a competent SEO agency like OMG Marketing because we have mastered the art of delivering SEO results and turning traffic into customers.

What Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a service that designs your website so that it is visible on all major search engines to target your audience is searching for services related to your business.

SEO ensures that your business does not merely appear in search results but on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP). Optimizing your business website to be on the first page is an investment that will last your business a lifetime.

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO In Irvine

Countless businesses in Irvine have been battling with the dilemma of whether they need an Irvine SEO expert or not. The truth is if you hope to reach a broader customer base through an online channel, SEO would be the way to go as most businesses will be spending close to $120B on SEO services by 2021.

Our Irvine SEO Process

SEO is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. OMG Marketing has worked over the years to design an Irvine SEO consulting process that is result oriented and highly effective.

Below is a step by step process that we enable for businesses like yours to succeed online.

SEO Analysis Of Your Website (Technical SEO)

SEO is dependent upon search engine algorithms which rely on more than just optimized content or on-page SEO. Before you consider adding relevant content you need to understand your target audience has. Search engines need to be able to crawl, index and interpret your website without any problems. This is the first phase of SEO which is called Technical SEO.

Web Design

A major reason why a lot of businesses don’t have success with their SEO campaign is because they ignore the web design part. You can create great content and build all the incredible back links you want, but if your website is not designed to make it easy for the average user who visit your website, any other efforts you make will be futile.

OMG Marketing invested heavily in putting together an Irvine web design team who have experience and knowledge about SEO and can design SEO friendly websites. We will help you create a custom WordPress theme that is SEO optimized and built for conversions. Don’t let the design of your website negatively impact the traffic that is coming to your website. With working with us we will ensure that you have a website design that is not only optimized for SEO but a website that keeps the users coming back from time to time again.

Website Optimization

Designing an SEO friendly website also use tools to determine user friendliness. As we mention above. The longer users stay on your website, the more Google recognizes your content as being relevant and useful and ultimately ranking higher on search engine results pages also known as SERPs.

How do you keep users on your website? By organizing your website in a manner so that it is easy to navigate to different pages and access content internally on your website. This will ensure optimal user experience and force search engines to thoroughly index your pages as well as deem it credible and useful to users visiting your website.

Website Speed

Google announced that page speed would be a significant ranking factor. There are tools out there that show you your speed ranking. The most extended majority of users wait for a website to load for about four seconds. Anything more than that leads to people leaving your site. This is why we dedicate time to testing your website and ensure that its loading speed is excellent. If your website is slow, we have techniques in place that we employ such as upgrading your hosting, optimizing your images, and installing a CDN to ensure that we reduce the loading time and increase traffic to your website.

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Broken Links And 404 Errors

A huge reason for poor user experience is due to 404 errors or broken links. A 404 error is on the client side of things which occurs when a user tries to access a page that doesn’t exist on the current server. This happens when you either remove a page or move it without updating the URL.

404 errors are usually caused by broken or deadlinks and can adversely damage your SEO. At OMG Marketing we use special tools such as Ahrefs or SEOptimer to analyze your website for any broken links and fix them accordingly. This will ensure that users have a better user experience on your website and stay longer which then you’ll see significant boost in numbers of returning vistors.

Create Sitemap

Search engines use sitemaps to effectively crawl and index your website. These maps that give search engines a clear navigation of your website the means to access, crawl and index different pages.

Our job will be to ensure that will effectively review and implement a sitemap onto your website so that search engine crawlers will easily identify your pages without issues.

Google Tools

Optimizing your website to be compliant with SEO standards is worthwhile. Our Irvine SEO expert will check to see if your site has been submitted to Google Search Console. This is a tool by Google that helps enable it to effectively index billions of websites on its search engine. Submitting your website to Google’s Search Console ensures that it is thoroughly indexed so that its visible on Google’s search pages.

Another great tool is Google Analytics to monitor traffic and conversions for your website. This is super important in determining whether the Irvine SEO strategies we are putting in place are driving conversions and whether there needs to be changes or improvements.

Website Security

Google and all other major search engines take website security extremely serious. As incidents of security breaches such as websites being hacked escalates. Search engines want to make sure that their users are protected at all costs by referring them to secure websites.

When analyzing your website for security we will check to see if it is SSL secure and if not we will install those SSL certificates for you. We will also examine any security flaws and abruptly fix them before they negatively affect your SEO. See our example below.

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Competitor Information

SEO can be tricky because of what your competition does and doesn’t do. How high you rank on a search engine results depends on how competitive your target keyword is.

One objective when it comes to implementing your Irvine SEO strategy is ensuring that you are not only using the right keywords but also ones that are going to drive the most targeted traffic to your website. We analyze your competition to see how well they rank for your target keyword to determine what benchmarks we have to hit in order to rank for a specific keyword. We keep in mind that domain authority and backlinks of your competitors are collected so that we can develop a concrete Irvine SEO plan that should enable you to compete.

Keyword Research

First thing we do is identify these types of keywords that your competitor are using and how well they are ranking using these words. When we start to dig further to find out the search volume that these keywords attract each month and decide whether its worth targeting or not.

At the end of the keyword research process we would have identified a list of keywords that are most relevant to your website. These keywords that are highly relevant to your business and yield a high search volume will bring more traffic to your website.

Technical SEO Research

As mentioned earlier many websites seem to ignore Technical SEO. This gives you an edge over your competition and a chance to rank better. We never assume that your competitor is ignoring the technical aspect of SEO.

This is why we do our research to see whether they are employing strategies required for an effective technical SEO campaign. We look at various factors such as website security, navigation, mobile speed optimization and all other aspects when it comes to giving you a competitive edge.

Content Research

Our Irvine SEO company will go through your competitors content to identify strong points that your website can emulate and improve upon as well as weaknesses that you can capitalize on to pass your competition in the search engine rankings.

We look at things such as content, length, structure, imagine quality and how informative or relevant your website is. We will check the homepage and every other page such as the service page to see how well the content is optimized and presented. We identify what your Irvine competitors are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

We will then use our findings to come up with a highly effective Irvine SEO content strategy for your Irvine business.

Backlink Research

Rich and high qulaity links that go to your website is a major ranking factor especially for Google. One way to know where to get backlinks from is by finding out who is linking to your competition. We will analyze your competitors backlink profile and then identify backlink opportunities that will boost your websites authority.

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Local SEO In Irvine

Local SEO entails optimizing your website for the local audience whether it be in Irvine or nationally. If you operate a small local business in Irvine such as a restaurant, real estate business, or a pool company it makes more sense to target local customers opposed to a global audience.

According to Google 1/3 searches are location based. This means that a third of people that use Google search for local information, services, and products.

Going local with your Irvine SEO makes it easier to compete and ensures that you target the right customers for your business. Local customers need to know where your business is and what its all about. Local SEO in Irvine will help increase your sales by targeting those prospective customers in your local area.

Check Existing Listings For Consistency

All major search engines rank websites high on their results page because those are the ones they believe are the most credible. As a business you can make sure this credibility is consistent across all your listings with checking NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). When Google are retrieving your business information you don’t want to have a different address or phone number in different locations. Not only does this confuse the search engine but it may hinder your relationship with potential customers as they may drive to your previous location if you don’t ensure that listings are consistent.

Optimize Your Google My Business

OMG Marketing will optimize your Google My Business account so that customers can find you as it is by far the most relevant listing for local SEO on the internet. If Google My Business is optimized in conjunction with having a high volume of consistent and relevant listings your business will rank on Googles Local 3-pack which will increase your traffic to your website and also increase the amount of leads and sales your business acquires.

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Local Backlink Building

A certain way to build your websites authority in your local area is by building a backlink profile that contains links from a .org, .edu, and .gov websites. We will find local linking opportunities for your business in Irvine through community relationships such as collaborating with non profit organizations, press releases, and features on local media outlets. With obtaining these types of backlinks you are signaling to search engines that your website is not only authoritative and relevant, but a highly sought after brand in your local area.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is a process of optimizing individual pages on your website in order to rank high and bring relevant traffic to your website. By optimizing these pages you are assisting Google’s search engine in understand your web pages have better content. Businesses have targeted local keywords in their niche and have been able to achieve high rankings by solely focusing on perfecting their on page SEO.

Title Tags And Meta Tags

Title tags are the clickable headline that most users will see on a search engine page. Their purpose is to provide a short description of the content of the page and are crucial because this is what is displayed on the search engine results page, web browsers and social networks. It is important to consider the length of title tags so that they display on SERPs, front-loading your keyword without overusing it and giving every page a unique title tag. Optimizing your title tag you start to compel users to click on your web page. At OMG Marketing we make sure that all your title tags are optimized for higher click rates and conversions.

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URL Structure

Google and all other major search engines as well as website users love links that are simple, short and comprehensible. Google specifically uses links to understand what type of content is on your page. This is why link optimization is an important SEO practice.

OMG Marketing optimizes your website URL links so that they are shorter, keyword rich and smart for all search engines.

ALT Text

Search engines like Google use images just as much as they use words to understand your content on your website and decide whether its relevant to users search results. We optimize your images with ALT text that contain the right keywords so search engines can comprehend your content effectively.


Quality content is the way when it comes to SEO, especially long form content. To make sure that your content is SEO friendly we implement the following strategiesS

Keyword Placement

After we do keyword research and create a final list of relevant words we will help populate your pages on your website with keywords that have efficient manner. We place keywords in strategic positions on your website so that search engines can recognize them. Being credible SEO experts in Irvine we will take caution to your website and not implement too many keywords and put you at risk of being penalized.

Linking Structure

Throughout your website content you need two kings of links that will help boost your on page SEO.

External Links

External links are originated from your pages to a different website. This helps users find more information that isn’t on your website. This is crucial for on-page SEO since this improves your websites credibility if you link out to authoritative websites whcih can result in your content and web pages ranking higher.

Internal Links

Internal links are those that go to a different page on your website. An example would be to link your “About” page that leads to your “contact” page. Internal links help pass linking juice to different parts of your site and enables it to be crawled and indexed efficiently by all major search engines. We create a clean and powerful internal linking structure that not only enables a better user experience for visitors for your site but allows search engines to prioritize and index pages throughout your website.

Why Choose OMG Marketing

If you’re ready to add a custom digital marketing strategy to your business in Irvine. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you. Our digital marketing firm specializes in marketing for contractors, electrical contractors, pool builders, dentist, home services, and any other professional that owns a business. Certainly, we have solid client rankings all throughout Irvine. It wouldn’t be much for us to rank your website at the top of Google and all other major search engines with our unique process.