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Pure IV Arizona's $2,403,069.60 Revenue Boost in Just One Year with OMG Marketing

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Pure IV Arizona, a mobile IV therapy company, sought to expand its reach and grow its business in a highly competitive market. To achieve this, Pure IV Arizona partnered with OMG Marketing, a marketing agency that specializes in growing mobile IV therapy companies. In just one year, OMG Marketing helped Pure IV Arizona generate an astonishing $2,403,069.60 in revenue. This case study outlines the strategies employed by OMG Marketing to achieve these impressive results and demonstrates how mobile IV therapy businesses can benefit from partnering with OMG Marketing.


Pure IV Arizona faced several challenges in its quest for growth:
  • Increasing brand awareness in a saturated market
  • Attracting and retaining new clients
  • Optimizing online presence and advertising campaigns for maximum ROI
  • Strategy & Execution:

Branding and Positioning

OMG Marketing worked closely with Pure IV Arizona to refine their brand identity, emphasizing their expertise, commitment to customer satisfaction, and unique selling points. A new, modern logo and brand messaging were developed to enhance the company’s image and make it more memorable to potential clients.
OMG Marketing created short, attention-grabbing videos that showcased the benefits of mobile IV therapy in a fun and engaging manner.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing

To improve online visibility, OMG Marketing implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy that targeted high-volume, industry-specific keywords. Additionally, a content marketing plan was developed to establish Pure IV Arizona as an authority in the mobile IV therapy space. This included blog posts, guest articles, and social media content that provided valuable information to potential clients and drove organic traffic to the company’s website.

Social Media Marketing and Influencer Partnerships

OMG Marketing leveraged social media platforms to create targeted ad campaigns and promote engaging content that showcased the benefits of Pure IV Arizona’s services. Influencer partnerships were also established, with local celebrities and athletes endorsing the company’s services, further boosting brand credibility and visibility.

Google Ads and Retargeting Campaigns

OMG Marketing expertly managed Pure IV Arizona’s Google Ads campaigns, optimizing for clicks and conversions to attract potential clients searching for mobile IV therapy services. Retargeting campaigns were employed to re-engage website visitors, reminding them of the company’s offerings and encouraging them to make a booking.

Reputation Management and Reviews

OMG Marketing devised a reputation management strategy that encouraged satisfied clients to leave positive reviews on platforms like Google My Business and Yelp. These reviews served as social proof of Pure IV Arizona’s exceptional service quality, further attracting new clients.


By partnering with OMG Marketing, Pure IV Arizona was able to overcome the challenges it faced in a competitive market and achieve substantial growth in just one year. The case study demonstrates how mobile IV therapy businesses can benefit from OMG Marketing’s expertise, proven strategies, and commitment to client success.

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