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Wondering how much it costs to build a custom designed and mobile friendly website for your business? Thinking about upgrading your current website but just don’t have the time or skill set to do so? As the leading Victorville Web Design company in California, OMG Marketing prides ourselves on professional web design and development. We have a team of experienced web developers who know how to build a website that will stand out vs your competition.

Victorville Web Design SEO

Websites Optimized for Local SEO

At OMG Marketing one of our areas of expertise is Victorville web design optimized for local SEO. It’s not enough to just have a nice looking website if no one can find it. With our team of experts we not only build you a professional looking website we optimize it to rank on the first page of Google’s search engine. This is why OMG Marketing has built a reputation as the number one Victorville web design agency in California.

When you don’t rank on the first page of Google’s search engine its very likely your customers will click on your competitions link who is on the first page. This leads to losing business. With our local SEO optimized Victorville web design strategy we not only build you a fresh and up to date website proven to deliver a high-quality visual representation of your business, we also make sure your customers can find the website easily.

Professional Websites That Convert Your Traffic

When a customer visits your website, it’s the first experience they have with your company. Do you really want to have a bad looking non user friendly website that they instantly click off of because it doesn’t look professional? Or would you rather have a modern up to date professionally done website that they can easily navigate and think “this company looks like they know what they’re doing”? The fact is people don’t always go with the first result. If they click the first business website they see on Google but the website doesn’t look professional, 9 times out of 10 they’re going to click on a competitors website and go with them. This is why our Victorville web design team is so sought after here in the high desert.

This is why it’s so important to have a simple non cluttered website that’s easy to navigate while also making your business look like the go to professionals in your field. This is where OMG Marketing steps in and takes over. Our team of Victorville web design and developers out of California create a professional easy to navigate website for your customers to easily find your services or products.

Victorville Web Design Desktop
Victorville Web Design Mobile

Mobile Friendly Web Design

In today’s mobile world it’s more important now than ever that your website is mobile friendly. This why our OMG Marketing Victorville web design team makes sure every website we design is mobile ready. Statistics show 80% of people who visit a website do it on their smartphone. If your web site isn’t showing on mobile or the words and pictures are off the screen its very likely they will close your website and go to a competitors that works on their mobile device.

Think about it, everyone’s always on the move and always on their phones. If they are out and about and they want to look up a “Hair Salon near me” in Victorville California they are probably going to do it on their phone. If they visit that website and it doesn’t fit on their phone, they can’t see the hours the business is open, or what services they offer because it isn’t mobile friendly, they’re going to look somewhere else. This is why it’s so important to have a mobile friendly web design.

Our Web Design Process

With our OMG Marketing Victorville web design team when we do a web design project we want to know everything about your business. We take your current content and make it better as well as create new content for your website that will convert more customers. If you already have a website one of the first things we do is run a website audit so our experts can analyze every aspect of your website and take notes on what you’re doing well, but also what needs improvement. We then implement a strategy to show your vision to your customers in a way that will show you’re the experts in your field of business. This leads to more conversion rates, more sales and more engagement with your customer base.

  • Title tags, meta tags, page copy, page title, alt attributes
  • Optimized images for page load speed
  • User friendly, professional layout
  • Custom theme’s for your business that standout vs the competition
  • Analytics to track performance

E-commerce Web Design

E-commerce is a huge part of shopping today, just look at Amazon. At OMG Marketing we also specialize in e-commerce Victorville web design. If a website is ugly and not easy to navigate more than likely a customer won’t shop there. It is essential to have a web site that is both easy to navigate and has a professional design so the customer feels like they’re shopping with a trusted brand. Remember your website represents your business to the world, so its important your website is designed in a way that makes people want to shop there.

OMG Marketing specializes in Shopify designs and has experience setting up multiple successful Shopify stores for various clients here in Victorville California. We have the expert web design team to successfully setup your entire store from the layout and look to the actual inventory you’ll be selling. Lets face it, a lot of new Shopify stores just simply don’t know how to set everything up to be a profitable online store. That’s were the professionals at OMG Marketing step in.

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