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OMG Marketing is comprised of a team of creatives who curate and apply visual storytelling and technology to amplify our clients’ work. By doing so, we impact and influence their audiences to trust and cherish them. Inspiring and engaging online experiences make a better web, and ultimately mean brand-loyal customers who return and recommend.

The beautiful design of our open office helps foster a collaborative atmosphere at work and in our leisure time. Our compensation package is competitive, and we are committed to providing a challenging, fulfilling and career-building work environment.

Ready for an opportunity to develop your digital marketing skills, people skills, communications skills, and much more? OMG Marketing is taking applications for full-time employee’s and internships for college students. We’re looking for goal-oriented candidates that can learn digital content marketing while also dabbling in a bit of SEO and website design. Ideal candidates are marketing, journalism, advertising, and media relation students. For full-time applicants, find available positions below and information how how to apply. We also encourage you to follow our Linkedin profile.

Available Positions

Social Media Manager

Management of Social Media profiles, Social Media Advertising accounts, and daily management of online presence for social media accounts for key clients.

What Experience is Required?

Either Working towards a college degree or having a college degree in:
✓ Digital Agency
✓ Marketing
✓ English
✓ Communications
✓ Advertising
✓ Digital Marketing


As a OMG Marketing intern, you will be responsible for the creation, editing, and publishing of website content for our clients with close supervision by our content director. OMG Marketing interns will be responsible for:
1. Utilizing basic communication tools to collaborate with coworkers and clients

2. Using a professional website editor on the daily for editing and creating content

3. Researching/writing/publishing blogs for existing and new clients. Coming up with new blog topics for clients for approval based on OMG Marketing research process

4 Communicating with clients and taking thorough notes

5. Working with a team to produce digestible, appropriate website content

6. Copyediting pages and other content to achieve SEO rankings in the organic search results

7. Performing SEO best practices on all accounts during the publishing of web contents directed by SEO manager

OMG Marketing Internship Benefits

We understand the importance of getting the most out of your internship. That’s why when you complete your internship with OMG Marketing, you will have the skills needed to land a career in digital marketing with your internship experience. Some of the certifications and experience you will leave with include:
✓ Yoast SEO Certification
✓ Website & CRM Editing Certification
✓ Google Analytics Certification
✓ Experience working with a team and clients in a driven environment
✓ Extensive knowledge and experience in content writing
✓ The basics about SEO and website design
✓ A recommendation letter and college credit for completion

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