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If you landed on this page that means that you searched into Google for Los Angeles SEO – You found us because of Google’s search engine algorithm. We can do the same thing for your business with your target search phrases by engaging in keyowrds that will rank you in search engine optimization.

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About Our Digital Marketing Agency

OMG Marketing, LLC is a digital marketing firm offering search engine optimization, website design & developement, and social media management services. Our digital firm is cultured in the fact that we have hand picked our search engine team to devlier the best results. Managing over 15 monthly clients, we are proud to claim that we are #1 digital marketing agency in the high desert.

Top 5 Reasons to hire OMG Marketing

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  • We never outsource to cheap laborers
  • A real company with a real dedicated team located in Hesperia, CA
  • Campaign tracking and keyword analysis so you know where you are

Our business is to grow your traffic and conversions. We use white hat SEO process which gives your website a sustainable ranking over time without having to risk taking a penalty from Google’s ever-changing algorithm. CEO, Joseph Lopez, practices an SEO approach that leverages your brand for more earned clicks and getting the top ranking you deserve. To read more about OMG Marketing approach, please visit the sections below.

Our Los Angeles SEO Process

Los Angeles is a super competitive area for SEO, and OMG understands that. The OMG team starts every search engine campaign by identifying the competitors of our clients and the surrounding areas. This allows us to figure out the domain ratings of your competitors to see how much we have to do to make sure you outrank them. Once we have enough data, we can begin the SEO campaign by following our SEO process:

Fixing On-Site Technical Issues

When a new client comes aboard, our technical SEO process where we analyze your website and search for common issues detected that holds back your website rankings. These issues can include a number of things such as website speed, website structure, thin content, broken links, and much more. Once we find these issues we can start working diligently on your SEO process.

Adding SEO Content To Your Website

OMG Marketing will then add content to your existing or new website. Content targets specific keywords that your customers are searching into the Google Search Engine. Ex: Pool SEO. The content we write for our clients is 100% in-house as we don’t outsource SEO content. Content for our clients tends to be in a longer format to ensure that we get the rankings you deserve. In 2019 SEO is all about adding good content to your website that is so solid to Google’s random algorithm update.

Create a Link Building Campaign

Content is great to have but you’re going to need to power up the domain rating of your website. You need to increase your domain rating. This will give all the content that you have written, higher rankings in the search engines. In addition, adding backlinks to your website will result in a higher search engine ranking. Try to stay away from services that offer backlinks for money. Try using local backlinks and writing good content so others can link back to your website.

How Much Does SEO Cost In Los Angeles

Every business looking into this type of services always asks, how much does SEO cost in Los Angeles? After all, every business is different with their own challenges in these search engines. For us to determine the price for a business in Los Angeles engaging in SEO we must first do a competitive analysis for your competition.

SEO campaigns are for a period of time with one total cost. Your investment is then broken down into monthly payments. Example, if after we run all our data and we determine that we will need 200 hours to complete service of the campaign and we bill at $100 an hour you can see and clearly guess that you’re going to be paying $20,000 for an SEO campaign. This total is broken down into monthly payments.

  • Google analytics data
  • Google Trends data
  • Webmaster tools
  • Certain keywords performing

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If you’re ready to start your digital marketing strategy and implement it to your business in Los Angeles. Start by contacting us today to learn more about what we can do for you. Our digital marketing agency specializes in marketing for pool companies, general contractors, electricians, doctors, lawyers, dentists, and professionals in roofing. We have a trustworthy system, and it’s extremely unique and we have no doubt in our mind that we can help you.